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Example Praxis Scales

Started by Hisho, July 31, 2007, 08:20:15 PM

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So, with 1.1 on the way and a question I asked some days ago about the existance of a list of example praxis scales I thought... well create your own.

I was still not able to play it because I moved to another city some months ago and I have not found a new group to try it, so I just talk about it with my old group.

My List so far...

Aggressions vs. Diplomacy
     Revolution vs. Tradition
            Follow vs. Lead
                Sex vs. Violence
           Buying vs. Stealing
Confrontation vs. Deception (from the Book)
             Terror vs. Seduction (from the Book)
          Feather vs. Sword
               Faith vs. Rationality
              Order vs. Chaos
     Hight-Tech vs. Nature
Use Someone vs. Being Used
   Follow Rules vs. Subvert Rules

So, any critics... new examples of praxis scales are welcomed. I still try to understand the Nature of the praxis scales. Somehow just by using two different words, whole stories may change. I think these scales make a big diffenrence in the way the story will be told... colorwise. So I'm back at my bookshelf trying to find examples that would fit some stories and then I will search some AP posts.

If you think one is unplayable please say so and write one down that would better encompas a similiar field of possible choices.

BTW, will the new version have an more extensive view on praxis scales?

- - - Michael - - -


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