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Bootleggers' sheet?

Started by higgins, April 16, 2010, 08:29:01 AM

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Hi all!

Does anyone know where can I find the sheet used for Bootleggers? I haven't actually played the game yet, so, I might not have noticed the possible drawbacks, but I liked that design much more than the official sheet on the back. If I'd change anything there, it would be just removing the "Traits" title and moving the Edges&Connections a bit upwards. And I would format in A4 as I'm from Europe =P

I mean, it would be a perfect rules-light sheet. Some room to scribble important names under the Traits and then maybe even having a .pdf form that allows inserting the portrait of your character into the frame before you print!


Okay, as I look at it, maybe I'd make Story Arc box slightly bigger as well.


Anyways, I created a mock-up sheet of Bootleggers using a page from the book .pdf, painted the filled boxes over, added "copyright © 2004-2005 Dog-eared Designs" as on the official sheet. Hope anybody won't mind.