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Musing about the future: 3D Printers

Started by MatrixGamer, April 21, 2010, 04:01:23 PM

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I was just looking at an article on a commercial 3D printer from HP. It will retail for $17,000 (so impossible for individuals now) but the cost will come down. It got me thinking. I've read some recent science articles about plans to use 3D printers to make a future moon base, and another to use a 3D printers to makehuman cell parts (blood vessels for now but more in the future). All very cool stuff. These things are going to be big in the future so what will that mean to games?

Of course miniature figures and game bits. But what about customized dungeon boards? Items where you could hand someone the thing they have found?

People will have to have autocad experience to make the files the printers turn into objects.

There is nothing here that is applicable now but when I see this it reminds me of when I first heard about POD in the late 90's. It sounded real cool and we now know it is.

What does this move make you think of?

Chris Engle
Chris Engle
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Oh, I figure in about 10 years, I'll be able to have a catalog of minuiatures and other game props for sale and a database of cad files that are downloaded from the manufacturers and be able to "print" those figures and game props on demand in our stores for customers. This could range from anything from metallic and plastic figures, custom dice, game tokens, miniatures terrain, board game bits and pieces, etc. Maybe custom jewelry also. Soon as it becomes viable, we'll jump onto that bandwagon.

From my understanding though, the technology needs to come a long way with regards to costs and speed of production before it could be used as a POD wholesale manufacturing basis. 1 offs in retail stores sold at retail is likely a more realistic first viable use for the hobby game business.

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