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Drawn Out Resolution

Started by Keithric, April 24, 2010, 02:42:17 PM

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The chase example in the back is quite good, but I was wondering if anyone else has tried any other forms of extending resolution?

For example:

1. Deal out Screen Presence and one to the Producer, face down
2. Anyone may purchase additional face down cards with Fan Mail, Budget, Edges, or Connections
3. As long as at least someone has more than one card in hand, anyone who wishes to advance the conflict commits one of their cards face down. The Producer may require someone who has multiple cards to commit one. Reveal these cards simultaneously and determinate narration and scene advancement (see car chase example).
4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 until no one has multiple cards.
5. Do the final reveal and resolve the conflict.

Alternatively, do the same, but cards are always face up.

Not recommended for every scene, of course, but seems like it could be interesting occasionally?


I've yet to run PTA, but I thought the char chase example brilliant for modelling combat scenes, the current upper hand showing which party has the edge moment, and then the rest of the cards will be revealed in a bang, resolving the conflict (possibly turning the tables).


I've only run one session, but one of the players had a little dismay over how fast some things resolved - mind you, this after previous dismay over how long some other games take, but hey :)

I'd just like to identify more possible tools in the box, for key scenes. It seems like it would also be useful for getting a little more group involvement with narration passing around and some ups and downs and unknown. If the cards are known to the player only, and not the group, there's also a certain amount of tactics in controlling narration and flow of the scene. You can technically also bluff, or see more clearly when the well is dry and you need to call in every favor and resource you have.

Anyhow, if anyone else has any other ideas for similar options, I'd love to hear them.


Hm, if you want to have tactics, it puts things in a different perspective... If I get you correctly, you're thinking in the lines of players actually knowing what their cards are and then playing them out as they need successes? Highest card controlling narration as you go? Like... Player choosing to start with ace of spades, as this will most likely result in a failure, but he gets the narration rights almost for sure? Am I correct?

But what do you mean about bluffing? Unlike in poker, all the cards will be revealed in the end anyway. Where's the bluffing room? And what purpose would the bluffing serve?

If I get PTA right, then the excitement isn't supposed to come out of the mechanics. They are so streamlined and invisible for a purpose. Since there is no tactical decision to make, all the computing power of the mind goes to the imagination and the "cool factor" comes from there. That's at least how I get PTA.