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Author Topic: [DITV] White Rock Crossing, my new town  (Read 2862 times)

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« on: May 26, 2010, 10:00:09 PM »

I'm planning to run this town at Gamex this weekend in Los Angeles (So, if you're playing on Saturday don't read this). I'm interested in any feedback. Do you think it will work for a con game scenario?

White Rock CrossingPride<Injustice: Brother Boaz, turned to strong drink in order to dampen his pain and despair at losing his wife.

Sin:<Injustice: Sister Elianna's pregnancy leads to her being condemned and humiliated.

Sin:<Pride: Brother Boaz places his own hurts above the needs of the Branch.

Injustice: Believing the Steward will recover with time and care, the Faithful are left to minister to themselves.

Sin:  By abdicating his responsibilities, Brother Boaz has left the faithful open to Demonic Attack.

Pride: Brother Ezrah, Sister Hannah and Sister Leah have formed a false priesthood. What started as a good faith attempt to fill a void, is now a prideful power play, which none of them is willing to relinquish.

Injustice:<Sin:<Demonic Attacks<False Doctrine<Corrupt Worship: The Council of Elders are leading services and blessing babies.

False Priesthood:<Sorcery:<Hate and Murder:<This is the town the Dogs find:<WHAT THE PEOPLE WANT<What Would Happen if the Dogs Never Came?

James R.
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