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[DITV] White Rock Crossing, my new town

Started by Noclue, May 27, 2010, 07:00:09 AM

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I'm planning to run this town at Gamex this weekend in Los Angeles (So, if you're playing on Saturday don't read this). I'm interested in any feedback. Do you think it will work for a con game scenario?

White Rock Crossing

Brother Solomon, a Dog originally from Back East, has spent over a year recuperating in White Rock Crossing under the careful ministrations of the Steward's young wife, Sister Elianna.

Although things seemed calm in the town the demons soon showed themselves. The summer was freakishly hot and muggy, streams dried up and fields went fallow. When Brother Ezrah's grain started rotting in storage and bloated, maggot-filled cattle corpses washed up in the town's remaining water source, Brother Solomon knew he needed to act.

The root cause was easy to see. The Steward had failed in his duties to the branch, allowing the demons a foothold in town. Brother Boaz was obviously distracted by his pretty new bride, doting on her to such an extent that the town suffered. Brother Solomon annulled the marriage. As the King is merciful, he allowed Brother Boaz to retain his position as Steward.

Brother Boaz was devastated by the loss of his marriage and felt wronged and shamed by the injustice the Dog's verdict. To drown his anger and despair, Brother Boaz turned to strong drink, leaving the town without spiritual leadership.

To fill the breach, Brother Ezrah, Sister Hannah and Sister Leah formed a Council of Elders, ostensibly to oversee the administration of town business until Steward Boaz had overcome his grief. However, the Council, drunk on its own power, soon took over all duties, including leading worship and blessing a child born to Brother Emmanuel and Sister Sophia.

Sister Elianna and Brother Solomon fell in love, not a worldly love, but one written in the stars by the King himself. Brother Solomon put aside his coat but evaded all her questions about marriage. As the months wore on, she discovered that she was carrying Brother Solomon' child and confided in her sister, Patience.

Patience, jealous of her sister's relationships with the Boaz and Solomon, said some pretty mean things in her anger and concern for her Elianna's eternal soul. She approached Sister Hannah in strictest confidence. Sister Hannah publicly condemned the young woman as a Jezebel and adulterer, destroying two godly men with her wicked charms. Brother Solomon' shock at the news of the child didn't help matters. Shamed and shunned, the young woman took Brother Solomon's coat from his room and hung herself from the rafters of the branch's worship hall.

Pride: Brother Solomon's love with Sister Elianna violates his vows and hers. Solomon believes their love is ordained by the King himself and thus their coupling out of wedlock is sacrosanct. He also believes his love for Elianna had nothing to do with annulling her marriage.

Injustice: Brother Boaz, turned to strong drink in order to dampen his pain and despair at losing his wife.

Sin: Brother Solomon and Sister Elianna's adulterous affair. Brother Boaz's drunkenness. Sister Patience's covetous attraction and

Injustice: Sister Elianna's pregnancy leads to her being condemned and humiliated.

Sin: Elianna's suicide. Patience murdering Hannah. Brother Boaz's vengeful rage.

Pride: Brother Boaz places his own hurts above the needs of the Branch.

Injustice: Believing the Steward will recover with time and care, the Faithful are left to minister to themselves.

Sin:  By abdicating his responsibilities, Brother Boaz has left the faithful open to Demonic Attack.

Pride: Brother Ezrah, Sister Hannah and Sister Leah have formed a false priesthood. What started as a good faith attempt to fill a void, is now a prideful power play, which none of them is willing to relinquish.

Injustice: Sister Hannah's condemnation of Sister Elianna led to her suicide and then to Sister Patience's murderous attack.

Sin: The Council acts like a priestly body without the divine authority to do so. They're judgements are based on pride and greed, rather than the True Faith.

Demonic Attacks: A brooding heat, the air is heavy but it will not rain. The streams have failed and the crops are withering. Images of rot and insects abound. Corpses.  The demons inhabit the multitude of carrion birds that have flocked to the town. They seek to feed the negative emotions of the townsfolk – lust, jealousy, rage, despair, greed, and covetousness.

False Doctrine: Brother Solomon believes he can take up again the work of a Dog after casting aside his coat. The Council of Elders believes they can act in the Steward's stead and provide spiritual guidance to the Branch.

Corrupt Worship: The Council of Elders are leading services and blessing babies.

False Priesthood: The Council of Elders' usurpation of the Steward's role makes them a false priesthood.

Sorcery: Sister Leah is a sorcerer using her powers to push Brother Ezrah to assume more and more power, at times possessing him to work her will through his actions. She is enhancing Sister Hannah's rigidity and sense of propriety. She has also worked her magic on Brother Boaz, Sister Elianna and Sister Patience, heightening their feelings of grief and despair.

Hate and Murder:  Patience blamed herself for Elianna's death. She fell in love with Brother Solomon at first sight and slipped a mountain folk love potion into his coffee. Obviously, it worked all too well. In her rage and grief, she fell upon Sister Hannah with a knitting needle, putting out her eye.

Brother Boaz is in a murderous rage as well, but he is fixated on Brother Solomon, the source of all of his woes, whose misuse of power had destroyed both himself and his naive young wife, corrupted Sister Patience and opened the town up to demonic attacks.

This is the town the Dogs find: Sister Elianna has been cut down from the Church rafters, a bit of Brother Solomon's coat still clings there. Brother Solomon, wearing his torn coat once again, is loading his guns and going to confront the Council who he blames for her death. Sister Patience is being held in the Steward's vacant house to await sentencing. Sister's Hannah's wounds are being tended. Brother Boaz, is armed and drunk and spoiling for a shot at Brother Solomon.


BROTHER SOLOMON wants Sister Hannah, Sister Leah and Brother Ezrah to pay for the Sister Elianna's suicide.

BROTHER BOAZ wants Brother Solomon dead, but he'll settle for him admitting his sins and being publically stripped of his office.

SISTER PATIENCE wants the Dogs to forgive her for killing her sister and attacking Sister Hannah.

BROTHER EZRAH wants to remain in power, either as the head of the Council or as the new Steward.

SISTER LEAH wants the Dogs to destroy everyone who might be a source of power in the town, leaving her alone to wield her influence.

SISTER HANNAH wants Sister Patience punished for her crimes and cast out of the Branch.

THE DEMONS want to see the town erupt in hate and murder. They want to see the Branch declare the Brother Solomon profane and kill him. They want Brother Solomon to kill the council members.

What Would Happen if the Dogs Never Came?
The council would declare Brother Solomon to have been stripped of his office when he cast off his coat. Brother Boaz would shoot Brother Solomon. Brother Solomon would shoot Sister Hannah. Sister Patience would follow her sister's lead and kill herself. Brother Ezrah and the rest of the Council would evolve into a sorcerous coven and lead the entire Branch into spiritual ruin.
James R.