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Author Topic: [Forum Diary] I get my own rules!  (Read 4610 times)
Eero Tuovinen
Posts: 2591

« on: August 25, 2008, 10:28:38 AM »

Ah, the fulfillment of my ambition!

Seriously, though, my primary reason for asking for a Forge forum was to get a new place to make chit-chat about the Solar System after Clinton's forum was deactivated. I really enjoyed reading and participating in those geeky speculations about the finer points of the rules. (And yes, I do realize that they don't usually have any direct significance for actual play.) I'm too busy to start anything myself now, but I hope to be able to put up some stuff related to my rewrite of The Shadow of Yesterday before the year is out. In the meanwhile I welcome anybody else to post their crunch - or challenges to my interpretation of the rules as laid out in the new Solar System booklet. I didn't market Solar System very ferociously at Gencon, but I fully expect that somebody will have some opinion of it in a couple of weeks, when they've had a chance to work through the nuances.

That's not to say that Zombie Cinema isn't a welcome topic, of course. I fear that it's not the sort of game that's conducive to any deep philosophizing about the rules design, but if anybody cares to write up their zombie stories, I love reading those. Variant suggestions are also something I imagine might come up - I know I'm going to publish a couple on our website at http://www.arkenstonepublishing.net when I have some time.

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