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Personal note: Clinton & me are older

Started by Ron Edwards, September 04, 2002, 09:22:10 AM

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Happy Freakin Birthday(s)!

Umm, that's all I have.
Alex Hunter
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Gordon C. Landis

Quote from: Ron EdwardsHey! Dame Logic is stopping her ears with horror. This is a "happy birthday" thread, not a debate about Gens and Xes.

Oh yeah, if you feel like giving a present, then donate a buck or two to the Forge.

Great Galloping Ghost, he's right!  About . . . everything!  Well, *these* things, anyway :-)   But I'll let the everything comment stand since it's his birthday.  Not that a "debate" was ever what I intended - questionably witty is apparently a widely applicable label.

Paul & Fang, PM me if you really care about Gen Boom/Bust/X/Y/2000 stuff, and Clinton, since it's also your birthday, you're right about everything too.  As is your mom.  If you were still a teenager, that would no doubt create some interesting paradoxes!

Gordon (under construction)


Happy Birthday, you two!

I'd teasingly call you a couple of old farts, but as I just celebrated my 26th last week, and I have more kids than Ron and Clinton combined (any number is bigger than zero!), I think it might be hypocritical! ;D
Rev. Ravenscrye Grey Daegmorgan
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Fabrice G.

Hello oldies !!!

...well technically Clinton you're younger than me...but I welcome you in the "past the quarter of a century" very non-private club.


Blake Hutchins

Hell, I'm older than both of you.  Happy belated birthday, y'all.




Quote from: Blake HutchinsHell, I'm older than both of you.

Combined?  ;D

-Rev. Raven
Rev. Ravenscrye Grey Daegmorgan
Wild Hunt Studio

Eric J.

You know... I'd donate a dollar, if I had one... Actaully, my birthday is on 9/11, so for a present, donate to one of thoes charities.  I know you would anyway.

Jason L Blair

Happy belated birthday to yas.

Incidentally, I was actually in Chicago on Ron's birthday on my flight layover. And again on the day after during another flight layover.
Jason L Blair
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