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Forge Goodies

Started by C. Edwards, September 17, 2002, 08:34:26 PM

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C. Edwards

I've had my Forge hoodie and jersey for a couple weeks now and I am quite pleased with my purchase.  Both are made very well and fit great.  The hoodie is just so soft and fuzzy inside, I want to go put it on right now.

I do have one issue though.  It's not a complaint, just an observation.  The double print which says "The Forge" above the logo is pretty much illegible to people that don't already know what it says.  I've had several people, looking quite closely at the print, ask me what it says.

Them asking me what it says is good because I can then explain "The Forge" to them.  Overall though, I think that having very clear type would best take advantage of the free advertising space.

This may or may not be an issue but I though I would bring it up in case anyone else has had the same experience.  Changing that aspect of the design might be worth considering.


Jonathan Walton

I have to agree.  Though I really like the design, part of the reason I haven't ordered anything (since I'm a newbie who's currently high on the goodness that is The Forge) is because I want something legible.

Are you guys still taking designs for stuff?  Maybe I'll just whip up a variation and see what people think.



Hrm...well, I can always redo the logo (I'm the one that designed the tee).
Clinton, unless you're adverse to it, I can work up a logo that's a bit more legible.
Rev. Ravenscrye Grey Daegmorgan
Wild Hunt Studio

Jonathan Walton

That'd be cool too.

Since it doesn't cost us anything to stick more designs up on CafePress, having bunches for people to choose from would be great.

It'd even seem a little more "indie" that way, with a bunch of non-standard designs.  After all, if we all wore the same t-shirt design we'd start becoming the faceless prolitariat masses and not the snotty punk rebels that we are :)

The original crossed-hammers design rocks, by the way.  Maybe I'll just do something completely different, so as not to step on your turf.


Clinton R. Nixon

Raven and Jonathan,

Either one of you want to do a new logo, that's fine by me. I think the current one is totally legible, but that's fine.

Chris Passeno is working up a new logo that will possibly be the new site logo, as well.
Clinton R. Nixon
CRN Games

Jonathan Walton

Okay, I worked up a new t-shirt design that's up here:">

The look is sorta "socialist iconology" meets "twisted modernism."  At least, that's what I was trying for.

I'd definitely buy a jersey with this graphic on it, if one was available.

I tried to create the file so it would be within CafePress' guidelines (800x1000, 100dpi), but I can alter the size if I need to.  Just let me know.