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Dust Devils arrived

Started by Clay, September 25, 2002, 05:35:57 PM

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I picked up my copy of Dust Devils last night. The rules expansions and the appearance of the printed product are great.  It's great to find a game this complete in only 36 pages.
Clay Dowling - Online Campaign Planning and Management

Tim Denee

Mine also arrived yesterday. And I am also very impressed.

Good work, Matt

Matt Snyder

Thanks Tim and Clay for the kind comments. Please do let me know if you had any problems with delivery. I'm especially concerend about yours, Tim, because I could not send it in a box as I do my US priority mail shipments. Did the binding seem to make it through the channel ok?

Enjoy, fellas!

-Matt (who's still working in a coal mine on his day-job)
Matt Snyder

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Tim Denee

Nope, no problems really. The bindings fine. The cover has a slight kink to it, but not so severe I'd call it a crease or anything.

The illustrations are really good as well (both inside and cover). Very evocative. I hate how all RPGs have comic book-style art, no matter what the style of the game itself. Deadlands springs to mind here.