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Quotes for The Questing Beast

Started by James V. West, August 31, 2002, 09:46:48 PM

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James V. West

Hey everyone

I'll be printing copies of TQB soon. I have a bit of finishing up to do, including some simple examples of play, a few more sample Romances, and some more artwork.

Also, I would really like to include excerpts from some of the conversations about the game here at The Forge, very similar to Ron's use of threads in Sorcerer's Soul. If any of you would be in objection to having your statements used (after trimming for clarity and context), please let me know. I'll try to contact each of you personally before I use your statements.

The Questing Beast will be a digest, photocopied, saddle-stitched book with a cardstock cover and black and white art. I'm not certain about page count just yet, but probably in the range of 24-28. I'll be selling them for about $3.00 pp, or a comparable trade.

I don't have a specific release date planned, but I'm giving a conservative and tentative estimate of about 1 month from now.

Mike Holmes

Hey, James, are you going to meet your deadline? Can we expect TQB to be published soon?

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James V. West

Hey Mike

I think I've been far too critical of myself with this project. Each time I revise, it's just not good enough. But I feel like I'm just going to have to let her ride soon.

To answer your question, no I won't make that deadline. Here's why:

1) Ron's got me slaving over Trollbabe strips ;-).

2) I have to publish Random Order #1 first. That's going to get finished this weekend, and will include the first printed version of The Pool.

3) I'm a lazy bastard!!

So expect TQB in print form by the end of the year. Maybe I'll nail down a specific date after I get some strips finished and get RO printed and out there.