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The Pool in print in new comic zine

Started by James V. West, September 30, 2002, 04:21:37 AM

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James V. West


My new comic zine">Random Order Comics and Games is now available and it features the first ever printed version of">The Pool.">This newest update of the game is, I think, the most concise and precise version yet. You'll let me know if I'm wrong, right? ;) Of course due to space concerns I had to keep everything trimmed as much as possible so it's pretty lite on extensive examples and guidance.

(edited for stupid typos)

Ron Edwards

I like the comic! Of course, I'm a West comics fan already. Are you planning on continuing this story?


joshua neff


That looks great! And it's only a buck? That I can afford! Do you need me to send you a self-addressed envelope or something? Or just a check for a dollar & a note with my address?

"You can't ignore a rain of toads!"--Mike Holmes

James V. West


To get the book, just drop a plain ole dollar bill in an envelope with your name and address. Simple, no? And just think: if I can get sixty thousand orders I can pay off my house!

Thanks Ron! That story is in fact part of a larger tapestry of stories I'll be running in Random Order. And oh hell yes there is a role-playing game already on the drawing board--but I won't be posting about it until I have some solid stuff to show and some playtesting under my belt.

But first, there are more issues of Random Order to finish. Issue #2 in December...

BTW: Each issue is going to have some kind of indie-rpg related material in it. I have several older games I'd like to share that I've never posted online. They're pretty simple games so they will probably run as the center spreads for the next few issues--kinda like The Pool in issue one. Other things I'd like to do include plugging the small press comics and indie games I find most interesting, having other people write short games for the book, etc..