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Author Topic: Select a forum  (Read 2008 times)
Jack Spencer Jr
« on: October 12, 2002, 02:08:42 PM »

I've been using the Select a forum popup menu to navigate the site an awful lot lately, but I've notice a small flaw in it which I'm not sure if it's correctable. It appears you can't use it to jump to the forum categories. That is, you can't use it to jump to the Independant Game Forums even though that option is on the menu. If you select it nothing happens. This isn't a big deal if you're on the General Forum index since there's a direct link, but since I'm getting a lot of use out of the menu, even though I know it won't work, I still use it anyway. If there's a way to make it work, that would be great.
Clinton R. Nixon

Posts: 2624

« Reply #1 on: October 14, 2002, 04:09:47 PM »


I'll look into it. That wasn't the original usage of the menu, but I think I can work it in.

Clinton R. Nixon
CRN Games
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