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Firefly - Western in Space!

Started by unodiablo, October 20, 2002, 09:46:00 PM

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Has anyone been watching the new Fox show Firefly? It's the one done by the 'creator of Buffy The Vampire Slayer'. I don't watch Buffy, but Firefly has been very enjoyable so far.

All of my Dust Devil variant games (my brother and I play a post-apoc variant I call 'Hot Wheels & Cold Steel') have been with only one antagonist / PC, so our games tend to be based on samurai movies or cheesy action books from the 80's... But Firefly has some great examples of pulling together plotlines from very different characters (the ship of the show's title contains a preacher, a man-at-arms, a captain-by-the-seat-of-his-pants, a space hooker, a shy guy, a married couple, and a mechanic) all in one show. And even though they ride around on a spaceship together, the show is a thinly disguised western. All the gear is western chic or Road Warrior style... Six guns and holsters, wagons, dirt-packed roads and dusty towns. I'd like to think this is the way I'd run a multi-player 'sci-fi' DD game!

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Matt Snyder

See, now that makes me think I gotta catch this show at least once. I've heard good things about it, and keep meaning to check it out.

I've already said how much I dig the "Hot Wheels, Cold Steel" post-apoc. "mod" for Dust Devils, man. Got any actual play stories you can share? Or maybe just some observations about how you set it up? I think folks would dig it.

That reminds me that I should make a thread about other "mods" for DD. We've got the post apoc. thing going on, Blair's samurai download ... what else, folks?

I've tinkered some with a Bond-style superspy mod myself; I call it "Deathwish." I share when I actually get it put together, and will no doubt be inspired with the new Bond flick coming very soon!
Matt Snyder

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joshua neff

The first time I watched "Firefly" (the series premiere), I thought, "Holy crap! You could totally do this with Dust Devils!" The only "weird" thing about the show is the psychic powers of one of the characters--but they're so vague, you could easily replicate that narratively with the Dust Devil rules. You wouldn't need extra mechanics or crunchy rules. The show screams "western", & the main characters all seem to have some sort of Devil ridin' them. I think Dust Devils would fit it perfectly. So, yes, Matt, you should watch an episode or two.

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Jared A. Sorensen

The girl-in-the-box just gets narrative control now and then to foreshadow future events. She just doesn't do anything action-wise...

Yeah, man. Good show...I dig it.
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