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RONIN: Dust Devils in Feudal Japan (By Jason Blair!!!)

Started by Matt Snyder, October 18, 2002, 03:26:21 PM

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Matt Snyder

When it rains, it pours.

As if the Dust Devils PDF release was not enough, get a load of THIS:

Jason Blair has created RONIN -- A Feudal Alternative For Dust Devils.

Yep, it's a Dust Devils "mod" (the first of its kind!) for feudal Japan. Jason's done a bang-up job of capturing the spirit of the samurai in a Dust Devils rules framework.

To put it another way:  

Dust Devils = Unforgiven

RONIN = Seven Samurai

Click here to get RONIN!
Matt Snyder

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GB Steve

Cool, I must get DD soon. I think my FLGS has it.

What next, Viking Dust Devils?

At the centre is the concept of Wyrd, this is the fate of the Viking, the inescapable death that awaits each and every one, even the Gods.

This must be approached with regard to those cornerstones of Viking society and life: hospitality, honour, loyalty, courage, generosity, tenacity, humour and cruelty.

It's played with runes instead of cards (or actually cards marked with runes).



Actually, this has already been done, but not for Dust Devils.  Scott Knipe's WYRD is exactly the sort of game that you're looking for.  (I hope that I'm remembering the author's name correctly!)  Problem is, I don't know if it's currently available anywhere.  Scott?

Seth Ben-Ezra
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Seth Ben-Ezra
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Hey there Seth!  Thanks for remembering me.

WYRD is currently available from me as a PDF - fully illustrated and everything - for free.  Anyone who wants to see it can just drop me a line at and I'll get it right out you.

It's funny.  Matt and I have discussed WYRD at different times, and I never really drew a connection between it and Dust Devils.  But thematically speaking, I think it does try to approach its subject matter in a similar way (meaning only that it tries to approach it honestly and faithfully).

- Scott


Funny enough, I just watched A Better Tomorrow by John Woo, which I haven't seen for about 8 years.  Seeing again, I just couldn't help but think of  "One last job..." in terms of "Shoot, or give up the gun..."  If anyone has seen the classic John Woo stuff, I swear that's the theme of almost all his movies.  Good stuff.


Mike Holmes

Quote from: BankueiIf anyone has seen the classic John Woo stuff, I swear that's the theme of almost all his movies.

Yep, the Killer for example. True dat. But what's the Cop's devil? Maverick?

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I'm not quite sure, but I do know that one major point of the movie was the idea of the killer and the cop being reflections of each other.  Although the cop was supposed to have been about upholding the law, the entire scene where he reenacts the entire shootout in his head, just shows how close to the killer he's become.  Not only that, but during the church scene, he's just as proficient in the mass slaughter, and also makes his own justice in the end.  It'd be interesting to analyze that movie and see if both the cop and the killer had the same devil after all.

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