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Author Topic: Variant Attributes for tRoS  (Read 1530 times)
Paul Heinz

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« on: October 20, 2002, 07:26:12 PM »

I note people have been discussing different ways of increasing or reducing the number of attributes in tRoS, so I thought I'd pitch in with my set.

First, as per tRoS, we subdivide into Temporal and Mental, then additionally into Magnitude (think capacity or extent) and Aptitude (think ability or flair).

Temporal Magnitude = Body
Temporal Aptitude = Limb

Mental Magnitude = Mind
Mental Aptititude = Face

Body further subdivides into Strength, Toughness, and Health
Limb further subdivides into Agility, Dexterity, and Appeal
Mind further subdivides into Intellect (i.e. MA), Willpower and Esteem
Face further subdivides into Wit, and Finesse (i.e. Social) and Perception

(Alternatively, Appeal and Perception can be swapped - you might prefer to consider Perception a Temporal Aptitude and Appeal a Mental Aptitude)

Endurance is the average of Health and Willpower
Reflexes is the average of Agility and Wits
Accuracy (or Aim) is the average of Dexterity and Perception
Charisma is the average of Appeal and Finesse
Size (or Frame) is the average of Strength and Toughness (mod by Race)
Movement is the average of Agility and Health (mod by Race)
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