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Seraphim Changes

Started by ADGBoss, October 21, 2002, 01:53:13 PM

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Seraphim: Candlebright (indeed my whole philosophy here at ADG) has undergone some changes.  I have done away with many of the extraneous abilities and stats and wounds etc in the essence of making something different!

One trinket I am toying with specifically for Seraphim, not with the other Devilfyre System games I am working on, is the idea that of Positive and Negative Energy.

A Seraphim, by their nature once they reach Level N of consciousness through implantation of the G-I implant, becomes a creature of internal energies.  Not only does the mind evolve but their body and indeed their existance evolves.  SO a Seraph has a Positive and Negative energy score as it were and the keen thing here is that they must attempt to keep them in balance.

Positive Energy represents Compassion and Common sense and a power which uses PE will only stun an opponent or Knock them out for example.

Negative Energy represents Anger and Aggression and a power which uses NE will only kill an opponent, the energy once unleashed cannot be controlled.

Per example: Energy Lance... powered by Positive Energy "You hit the thug and he slumps to the ground, bruised and unconcious but he will live."  powered by Negative Energy "You hit the thug and the lance punches into him. he jerks back, flailing into and through the glass storefront.  You can tell by the angle of his neck that he's dead. " As a note I have not decided whether or not to allow players to give the Final descriptors or leave that to the GM.

Some powers attack negative energy, because a Seraphim withoout NEgative energy cannot act offensively, only to defend herself or others.  Losing All Positive energy make the Seraphim incapable of acting with MErcy or thinking of anything but eliminating his enemies.

Once all the energy of bith types is gone, the Seraphim .... well not sure yet either goes Dormant or just dies.  

As always all comments are welcome and appreciated


Ron Edwards

Hi there,

Yoicks. Talk about a memetic invasion. I hope it's a positive thing.

My impression, which I'm sure doesn't surprise you, is definitely positive. I really, really like the blunt and effective clarity of the basic-mechanics you've presented.

What sort of character creation is involved? Or better, what would be the first thing you'd tell a person or group regarding playing the game?



First Question is what goals arew worth sacrificing your Humanity for and what methods are you willing to use? Then I am going to layout and who and what Seraphim are and what challenges are facing them as a group and them as part of Humanity and them as part of the galactic society as a whole.

Then comes gaining from them 2 Determinations... Determinations are 1 part Kicker (if I am correct in how that works, I have not ordered Sorcer yet) and 1 part long term or short term goal.  Working towards their Determinations is one method of gaining Insight or Experience. I like Insight better for the Powers of the Seraphim and Experience or Training time, for Skills etc.. for a more mundane system like No Sunrise, which is a Military/Horror type of thing I would just use Exp?train as there are no supernatural elements.

After determinations come the Attributes. There are still 4, power; balance; intellect; willpower.  Each Attribute can be rated from 1 to 8 and has a Descriptor associated with it. For example Power: 1 = Emaciated; 2= weak; 3= Awkward... so although the numbers are used in conjunction with Skill resolution characters use the descriptors to get a feel for the character.

Finally after Skills etc are chosen, the character gets their Warps, the Warps are the main Seraphim powers of that character, I am considering having Warps related to Deteriminations as well...

All of these help focus the issue on Energy... the balance between Human and Super Human, Protector and destroyer.... so Seraphim seem to be taking on some Super Hero qualities, but I am working on theme with my writing which will hopefully draw away from that.



As I mentioned in the first post one thing I have not quite decided on is what happend when a Seraphim loses all of his or her energy.  Perhaps they become dormant and vulnerable. Perhaps they die.  I have a section I am working on called Physical and Psychic scars.  I was thinking if Seraphim goes to 0 Energy after losing the last of his Positive Energy, it may be a Physical Scar and if they go down after losing the last of their NEgative energy it might be a Psychic one.

It all depends on how gritty the game becomes I think.

Any ideas on this would be appreciated