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Author Topic: Alternate settings for DD  (Read 2459 times)

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« on: October 22, 2002, 05:44:17 PM »

I've seen a bit of discussion about alternate settings than Westerns for the DD rules mechanic and thought that I'd throw a few ideas in the ring. So far I've seen ideas for Egyptian, Viking, Mad Max and Feudal Japan settings, but here's a few more. (NB: I'm completely unqualified to comment on exact DD rules since I don't own DD yet - I'm buying it tonight. These ideas are simply for your consideration... or for you to laugh and jeer at ;-)

 - Superhero: No, not like the Batman TV series. Like Watchmen. The characters may be able to do things that the normals can't (you could be solipsistic about it - the "heroes" are the only ones who really count) but they are driven by psychological forces (or maybe even literal devils) they can't control. Think of Batman. Parents murdered in front of him. He chooses to avenge their death by fighting crime for the rest of his life. One day he will end up dead in a ditch because he can't let go.

 - Greek: Originators of the tragedy. The protagonists are doomed and the audience knows it but it the way the drama plays out that is the interesting thing. Probably not a great rp environment unless all your players have a good knowledge of Ancient Greece or are happy walking around in togas. Maybe better as a planning concept.

 - Victorian (maybe Steampunk): I'm thinking along Calvinist lines here; "The reprobates are damned because they are always meant to be damned" and all that. The Victorian era was a great example of virtue being used to cover vice and anyone who let their cover slip was villified. Plus I can see the pseudo-poker mechanic working well in this 'civilised' setting as a game gentlemen play against fate. I know it's not a direct time match for Victorian, but I'm thinking Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad (and others) in regards to the devils that underpin the Victorian ethos.

I'm sure there are other settings that this would work for: Vietnam / War (Apocalypse Now), 1920's Chicago / Gangsters, etc. Maybe some consideration should go into developing modification rules to the DD game (and I know, I know, you've just released it, but we on the forums demand all you can give and then some! :-).

I know I'm excited about a game when I spend time working out options for something I HAVEN'T EVEN SEEN! I'll be paying my US$5.95 later tonight!

Oh, and a quote I came across (may already be in the book and everyone else will mock the "sutpid n00B", but anyway):

"Qualis quisque est, talis finis videtur ei" - St. Thomas Aquinas
(Trans. The end appears to each man in a form answering to his character.)
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