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Thanks for Dead Meat

Started by UnSub, October 23, 2002, 03:15:40 AM

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I sent Sean an email to the address I found for him, but I got a message back saying it bounced, so anyway...

I'd just like to say thanks for Dead Meat: UCDZ. I don't have a lot of game running experience (I play with a pack of GURPS players and there are about 5 games running in parallel, so it's hard to cut in) but I used the Dead Meat system and everyone said they really enjoyed the game. I haven't ever heard players say, "You should have killed more of us!" even when 50% of the players died across the game.

I used a variant on persona allocation - everyone made three characters, but they got shuffled and given out one at a time as the players died. Players were asked to briefly describe their persona's personality on the persona sheet. This led to the min/max gamer having to play as an exotic dancer and the use of many stupid accents by players as dictated by persona (eg Ahnuld Swartzenhiemer). This isn't to say it was all cheese - players got chomped, molotov cocktails were throw, zombies were decapitated. The players had fun!

So thanks for a great game!


I've updated my Forge account with my new e-mail address. I had gotten an account at eudoramail, but it didn't work for crap! Dang free e-mail.

Glad you had a good time with your Last Resort scenario, great fun reading the synopsis. Guess this is as good a place to announce as any - I'm working on a new site, which will be at I've also been working each day on Dead Meat 2, and I hope to get a playtest going here in Madison right @ Halloween. I'll put a post in the Forum when the website is up with more details, expect something next week.

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