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Karma Reward Rules for Cliche Actions

Started by Alan, January 22, 2003, 05:05:30 AM

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The Karma Sheet is a way to reward Dead Meat players when their characters do stupid things appropriate to the horror movie they're playing.

*Karma Sheet*
Each player gets a Karma sheet that lists various events or activities typical of a zombie movie.  The sheet also provides places to record Karma Gained and Karma Banked.  This sheet, and the records on it, remain with the player, and can be used only with characters that player controls.  

*Earning Karma*
Each time a player's character does one of the activities on the sheet, the player marks off the activity, and records one point of Karma Gained.  If the character is the first to do that activity in the current story, the player gains a bonus of one additional Karma Gained.  

*Banking Karma*
Karma Gained does the character no good, until some player character dies.  Everytime any player character dies, all players convert their Karma Gained into Karma Banked.

*Spending Karma*
Banked Karma can then be used to buy bonus dice to any roll for any character the player controls. The player just declare how many dice he's using and marks them off.  Banked Karma can also be used to declare coincidences and discoveries - to find weapons for example.  The cost of a weapon is twice it's damage bonus.  The cost of a coincidence is up to the Gore Master, depending on how clever it is and how appropriate to the story.  Of course, the GM may always disallow a coincidence or discovery for any reason..

*Refreshing the Event List*
The list indicates how often a player can earn Karma from a particular Event.  Many are allowed only once per story, others are allowed once or more per character.  Per character events are refreshed whenever one of the player's own characters dies.  The GM may also choose to refresh the whole Event list after each session if he chooses.

*Creating an Event List*
The Gore Master may just use a pre-prepared event list, but I recommend getting the players to create the list.  Before play, the GM opens a discussion around the table about the various cliches of character behavior in the kind of story to be played.  Each player contributes three to five suggestions, then takes time to discuss, modify, and veto all suggestions.  Ideally, someone then types the list and makes copies for everyone, but players may also just write them in by hand.  

*Example Karma Sheet*

Karma Gained:

Karma Banked:

Event List:
(Remember, you get one Karma Point per event, but two if you're the first to do it!)

-Once per story, gain Karma when one of your characters:

Tries to take control of the group.
Has a meltdown/goes berserk.
Refuses to believe in undead.
Runs into a dead end.
Hides somewhere with only one way out.
Reaches into a narrow space
Gets drunk or wasted
Gets naked.
Forgets and leaves behind something important.
Drops a weapon.
Explores alone.
Enters a dark place.
Stalls the car.
Ignores a call for help.
Pretends to be in trouble in order to scare another character.

-Once per character, gain one Karma when one of your characters:

Gets killed.
Participates in a loud argument with undead nearby.
Runs in to save a buddy or loved one.
Sacrifices themselves for someone.
Participates in romantic activity with undead nearby.
- Alan

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