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Author Topic: Hearts and Souls: In the Blood  (Read 1808 times)

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« on: December 19, 2002, 02:08:13 PM »

Genetically Enhanced Gang-members the "Dinos" are robbing banks, and other money intensive places--skillfully, too skillfully---turns out their enhancements are from dinosaur DNA (and abilities) given to them by one Dr. Talbot Finch, Geneticisit and Paleontologist

Heroes this time: Mongoose, the Ultimate Acrobat and Stormdancer (yet again!)

Mongoose View:

Mongoose is a character I had played before in the original Marvel Roleplaying system.  I converted him to the Hearts and Souls system and it was an accurate if more simplistic conversion.  The game flows very well and the system is very roleplayer friendly.  The abilities my character has transferred well and I felt it was still the same character, able to perform the same actions as the original version.  He stayed true to my original vision for him.

Stormdancer's view:

Stormdancer's changed a bit during the last few adventures.  Once I was able to change her drive, things became easier to justify when I wished to reroll during a game.  I actually have an easier time playing Stormdancer with the Hearts and Souls rules than I would have with any other game system.  I have an easier time getting into the role of Stormdancer than I have with any other character due to the fact that the rules aren't as complicated as other games I've played have been.

- Player of Stormdancer
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