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Dark settings and Niche Markets

Started by jdrakeh, August 12, 2001, 06:58:00 PM

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With the work on "Sleepers" due to taper off in October, I've decided to use the engine for that game for my sci/noir game entitled "Shades of Grey".

The basic setting premise is a dark future rife with poverty, corruption, and cults based loosely on the old Liquid Television short "Brad Kharma: Psychedelic Detective" and BOC's "Fire of Unkown Origin" alblum.

Following the mass evolution humanity and the discovery of psychic ability, a psionic apocolypse ensues. Most of Earth's population is destroyed and the world left largely in ruins.

After the war, the remaining populace rebuilds society based predominantly upon a new religion which completely discards the idea of gods (being based on evolutionary theory instead).

The new Inquisition begins...

The new church is recognized as the reigning authority of the world, enforcing its beliefs by means of powerful psionic shock-troopers.

Numerous cult-like organizations preach bastardized forms of now ancient religions as they huddle together in hidden churches.

General populace psionic ability is now closely monitored by various high-technology means and its use punishible by death in many places.

... and in the background lurks the threat of Biblical prophecy, forgotten by all but the most fanatical followers of old religion.

The legions of hell are slowly tightening their grip upon the souls of mankind, preparing to level the final blow against humanity.

The new church is unknowingly furthering the goals of the Damned, and the only people who stand a chance of saving humanity have been branded as heretics, shunned by all.

While I am pretty sure that it won't end up on everybody's bookshelf, do you think that there is any kind of a niche market for something like this?

James Hargrove
James D. Hargrove


Dunno what anyone else thinks..
But I like the premise. I'm a big fan of the "other" category of RPGs. Don't get me wrong I still enjoy "ye olde fantasy game", but I truly love finding those games that make you say "Hmm.. now this is something else."