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In-Game = Out-of-Game

Started by Nathan, August 13, 2001, 06:15:00 PM

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I haven't seen much of anyone playing around with this idea, but I suppose it can make some folks jumpy.

Anyone working on any games where characters are rewarded for things that their players do? I've heard of this happening in games when roleplaying is heavily preferred, and the players take it upon themselves to gain some more knowledge about what the life of their character is like. For example, one character was rewarded xp because the player took some horsemanship sessions. His character was a cavalier.

Cool idea in a way -- encourages your players to learn and think about the game.

Bad idea -- if your players go a little overboard with it, putting themselves into dangerous situations for a game...

In any event, the coolest rule would be to, (for example in D&D), promise to give a FREE level up to any player's character if the player brings someone new to the game.

Watcha think? Any games where the designers use this sort of leverage to engage players more?

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In Dying Earth, the only way for characters to advance is by the players entertaining the GM & each other. That & the taglines rule really help enforce a certain style of play.

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