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Random Order Comics and Games #2

Started by James V. West, December 30, 2002, 07:44:22 AM

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James V. West

Hey everyone!

Random Order Comics and Games #2[/b] is finished and available.

This issue features a game called Visions[/b]. This is a very simple game based on fantasy (or other) art cards. I used to play this quite a bit when I wanted to run something with little or no prep time. I'd just pick out a bunch of art cards that fit my mood and have players base their characters off of the images on the cards. The scenes in the game would also come directly from the cards.

I've written it up properly and added a few new narrative twists. Again, this is a simple game and I don't think you'll find anything earth-shattering in it, but for a Sunday afternoon quickie it works quite well.

Ron Edwards

Hooray! I'm in line. $1 again, right?


James V. West

Pry open the coffers, Ron! This issue is $2.00 (the first-quarter earnings chart looks like backwards slash with a bad attitude ;-)).

I do want to get the cover price back to $1.00 for a 20-pager, and I think I can do that with #3 after I work out some cost issues.


Nifty!  How soon will subscribers be sent issues?
Jeff Rients

James V. West


I printed the issue on Saturday and mailed out the first batch today. That batch includes all subscribers (small, wonderful group that you are), review copies, trades I owe people, and, of course, anyone who bought a copy of this issue before it came out.


Just: Yay!

I'll wait by my mailbox.



Quote from: lumpley
I'll wait by my mailbox.

Well well. Hi Vincent, fancy meeting you here!