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Woohoo! Here it be!

Started by Paganini, January 04, 2003, 04:39:57 AM

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And was it worth the wait? Ah yes! James, I continue to be impressed not only by your graphical skills, but in the dramatic construction of your tales. They're in your face, and to the point. I think it's a great idea to have them be in a loosely connected framework with recurring characters and themes, but not slavishly linear. You're really an artist in the full sense of the word, not just with a pen.

I kind of liked the wacky format of the first issue beter than the more standard shape of this one, but I imagine the extra page count (which was greatly appreciated) was a tad awkward going that direction.

I was wondering about your marketing scheme... are you going to agressively pursue renewals, and so on? I think you should. I myself am honestly likely to forget when I need to pay to keep them coming. Some sort of "this will be your last issue of ROCG unless you refresh your account" insert deal would be great.


Got mine last night and I love it too!  I'm totally digging the world of Hof.

Visions seems pretty neat, but am I supposed to know what is meant by "art cards"?  I can be a bit dim at times, I admit, but its just not a term with which I'm familiar.
Jeff Rients

Ron Edwards

Hi James,

Great comics. You know me: Vaughn Bode all the way, so Zarp is just my kind of guy - even got those little "fuk's" too!

I like Visions. It reminds me of Everway in a much cleaner fashion - Everway had a card-system for this, a card-system for that, then another use for one of these systems to do this other thing, and it got all messy. This is nice and clean: cards for inspiration, dice for the what-happens. Oh, and it looks as though you finally got to scratch your "positive and negative traits" itch in a way that works much better.


James V. West

Hey folks!

First, thanks for the kind words. After toiling over these pages night after night and knowing the cash rewards are going to be just this side of sorry, a kind and honest word makes everything worthwhile!

I will definitely pursue renewals. I'm doing this project one-step-at-a-time, adding some new approach to marketing with each new issue. Btw, ideas are welcomed!

"Art cards"--sorry, in my attempt to get Visions to fit snuggly on 2 pages I probably didn't explain everything in the proper detail. Art cards are simple collectible cards usually manufactured in sets either themed to a genre, or to a specific artist. You can also use collectible card games--any card with an appropriate image on it.

Yeah, I scratched that pos/neg itch, Ron! 'Bout time, too.

Look for issue #3 in April. Also, I'll be at SPACE this year, so if any of you are near Columbus Ohio...come to the show!


Well, I don't have a helluva of a lot to add here, but if more praise means more publicity for James and his comics, so be it.  I've had ROC #2 for a few days now, and there's some fine writing in there.  Oh yeah, and some fine art too.  I'm always jealous of artists...

Anyway, good stuff James.  I love it.

Take care,

James V. West

Thanks, Moose. Glad you got some enjoyment out of it!

For those interested, it looks like Random Order #3 will feature a role-playing game by a good friend of mine from way back. His name is Eric Alexander and he was partially responsible for The Pool by showing me his own Bayou Country rpg years ago. I dug the "avoid rolling a one" dice mechanic, flipped it over, and used it in my own game.


Sun & Moon is beautiful too.