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a question about The Pool

Started by Paul Czege, August 15, 2001, 04:24:00 AM

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Paul Czege

Hey James V.,

I've got a question about The Pool. In the "Play" section of the rules, you write:

a) If the situation brings into play one of your character's Major Traits for which you have Bonus Dice, add them to the number of dice you roll. This number of dice is your Ability.

b) To this Ability, you can add as many dice as you want, to a maximum of 9, from your Die Pool.

Does this mean that a player cannot gamble dice from his Pool on any conflict resolution for which his character doesn't have a relevant Major Trait?

Does it mean that even if the character has a Major Trait relevant to the conflict, that if he didn't assign Bonus Dice to it during character creation that he cannot gamble dice from his Pool on the resolution?


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James V. West

Sorry I haven't been here in a while! For those who are interested, I've been talkig to Paul about the I'm not ignoring the post! :smile:

And if you're REALLY interested:

Dice can be gambled on any roll. You only gain dice by winning gambled rolls. Traits don't have to have bonuses to be used for gambled rolls.

Thanks Paul.

James V. West