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Any Town, U.S.A. beta

Started by FilthySuperman, August 15, 2001, 05:31:00 PM

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I could really use some help if anyone has a minute or two to look over the playtester version of my newest game. To be super helpful (and get my dogs first born puppy named after you) you could actually playtest it for me.
It's a horror/mystery game with a small town
"resident evil meets castle rock maine" feel to it. (I hope) The version on the site right now is pretty bare bones (no art, no real descriptions or "meat") but it's a good themed set of rules that gives the basic gist of the game.

If anyone cares to critique.. it's at

note: the servers are slow, so give it a sec to open when you get the blank page after clicking on the download. If it still don't work email me and I'll  hit you back with the file.