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Along these lines

Started by FilthySuperman, August 15, 2001, 08:10:00 AM

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I've been toying with the idea of putting together an expansive game dealing with law enforcement. From meter maids up to the D.E.A.
I would like to do it pretty simulationalistic. (is that word?) Focusing on the "gritty reality" of being a member of the law enforcement community. Lot's of research and source material. Where I live, I can easily get in touch with actual F.B.I. and C.I.A. agents. (Plus I have unlimited resources of contacts in the military) and I could probably speak with a few actual police officers. (so long as they don't run my tags :razz: )I'd like to take a view on the game as sort of a character driven game. Players motivation for playing would be to take a character from the "walking the beat" adventures up through the ranks untill they are international crime stoppers. (not quite that cheezy, but you get the picture) The current trend appears to gear towards the "rules-lite" or "storytelling" games, and this game would definately be reminiscient of ye olde "consult the table" and "Oh no you forgot the rule book! We can't play!" days of yor.
What I'd like to get opinions on is..
Would I be wasting my time? This would be expansive and take me a good while to complete. Not too mention I'd be putting in hours not only writing, creating, and formatting, but also researching. So in the end I think it would end up being a hefty project. Any of you think "you" would play it? Also, any ideas?

Just toying with it right now, but when I finish Any Town, U.S.A. I'm seriously considering taking on something "heavy".

And you people are beating my beloved "dark" genre to death. :razz: (much love to anyone who writes a "horror" "dark" or "mystery" game!!)


Jared A. Sorensen

Mission-oriented, simulatonist, real-life...sure! Go for it.

Oh, and just wake it about:
DEA/BATF busts or Homicide cases

That's where all the exciting stuff is.
jared a. sorensen /
indie game design from beyond the grave

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jared a. sorensen /


I'm leaning more and more towards starting it as soon as I can put Any Town down. I want to concentrate on procedure. (I really think this would be great for GMs who have a problem with the psychotic NPC killing players :razz: )And I'd like to make it more a matter of "job status" than experience points type gameplay. Where reputation, noteriety, and job-promotion are the strong points of the game. I'd like to design it so that it's epic, i.e. you start out literally giving traffic tickets and busting jaywalkers. You dream of the days when you are doing drug busts and having shoot outs with bank robbers. Eventually you work your way up. Veteran players will seem amazing to younger players who don't have the field experience (in character) so when they are teamed up things get interesting. I don't want this game to be a "download, check out, play once, smile, move on type of game. I want this to be a game people play for a few weeks, then from time to time say "Hey let's do a quick run, I got a great idea from watching (insert cop show here) last night"

Any way, that's 2 more cents on the idea. Any suggestions or comments would be muchos apreciated!

Honestly, I'm pretty lazy.. but once I start something I have to finish it. I know this game will end up HUGE, so I really have to convince myself to do it.