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Sorcerer 1920s

Started by Matt Wilson, January 23, 2003, 05:40:41 PM

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Matt Wilson

I've proposed my first Sorcerer game and got at least one yes response.

Imagine something like a 1920s Gotham City - maybe the city doesn't even have a name. There's bootleggers, gumshoes, flappers, and plenty o' jazz.

And everyone has an agenda. That's why demons feel right at home. You need to take over Al Tolino's business? Maybe a 7' tall demon with a tommy gun (in a pinstripe suit, natch) would be useful...

I'm mulling over just how conspicuous or subtle demons ought to be in this setting. It might be fun to stay just this side of over-the-top.

Anyway, if anyone has run a S game in this style or era, and has any thoughts, lemme know.

And bonus points if you get the Al Tolino reference.


Ron Edwards

Hi Matt,

I'm not sure what to add ... gaming support for this setting is extensive, due to Call of Cthulhu, and you apparently know the setting and have a lot of enthusiasm for it.

All you need now is the Tone (see Ch. 4 in the rules) and you're all set for character creation.