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PBEM possibilities

Started by Colin the Riot, January 27, 2003, 08:35:52 PM

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Colin the Riot

Note: I originally went fishing for interested people in actual play with this, but got no response.

I'd like to find a couple of people interested in playing a slow paced PBEM via a yahoo group.  I was originally going to use Zak Arnston's Shadows, but I've decided to use the Pool since I think it could work well via email, and it's actively supported on the Forge.

What I'm looking for: one or two people for one or two turns a week.  Maybe more if things get rolling.

With the Pool as the ruleset, I see it going like this.  For each turn, I provide the setup.  Players respond with proposed actions.  If I called for a roll in the setup (or if the player wanted one), they would state whether they'd keep the dice or take an MOV, then provide the MOV.  Also they'd note if they'd gamble any dice and which skills would be appropriate in the roll, etc.  Just like in the rules.

After getting submissions, I would either roll the dice myself, or they could submit them with a web dice roller.  I would consolidate all the turns and then start a new one with a new setup.  Repeat.

As far as setting and feel, I think I'd like to go with a humorous fantasy milieu, ala Clinton Nixon's Donjon.  In fact, reading Donjon is what has gotten me itching to play something, but I don't think it's playable via email.  (No matter how incredible the artwork is :) )

Anyway, input on the Pool's feasability as a PBEM system and any interested parties looking to play in a slow-paced (but committed) game, let me hear it.

Thank you kindly.
Colin Theriot,
a.k.a. Teh Clawring Crabe

Colin the Riot

Got some folks to play via Indie-netgaming.  (Thanks Mr. Holmes)

I'll post back here once we get going and let everyone know how it goes.

Colin Theriot,
a.k.a. Teh Clawring Crabe

James V. West

Hey, this sounds really cool. I'm eager to hear how it goes.

I tried running a PBeM game once but I fizzled out on it. Hope yours goes great!