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Dare Devils? Interested in your thoughts.

Started by Jason L Blair, January 30, 2003, 01:30:30 AM

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Jason L Blair

I have no ideas on this of my own, but I'm interested to hear how others would use/abuse the Dust Devils theme and mechanic for various the supers genres? Any thoughts as far as four-color, gritty, doomed hero, etc? What would your core theme be for each? How would you enforce it?
Jason L Blair
Writer, Game Designer

Ron Edwards


I would mate Dust Devils and The Pool.

1) Classic Pool, no Monologue of Defeat.

2) Traits limited to +1, maximum of three Traits.

3) The Devil is a Trait that starts as +3, but using it means that whoever narrates will have to incorporate the character's struggle with it for good or ill. (Note: "good or ill" has nothing to do with whether the roll succeeded or not.)

4) If the player takes the Monologue of Victory, he narrates. If he doesn't, then the highest number rolled on the dice indicates who narrates. (Each person at the table has at least one of the numbers from #2-6). Or something like that.

5) Every 50-word writeup has to share a single element (person, place, thing, event) agreed upon by all players and the GM.

I guess it's more Pool than Dust Devils, but I think it retains a certain feel.


Matt Snyder

Heh. Now this is a cool idea. Dare Devils, indeed. I had never considered a "supers mod" for DD, but it seems kinda natural -- the key, as I see it, would be emphasizing vigilantism. Something like "What makes you go out and be a hero, rather than letting someone else do it."
Matt Snyder

"The future ain't what it used to be."
--Yogi Berra

Jason L Blair

One thought I had on the four-color front was setting the game up as an annual where the hero(es) will finally face off against Big Important Arch-Nemesis. BIA-N would replace Devil in this game.
Jason L Blair
Writer, Game Designer

Blake Hutchins

I agree with the vigilantism take on premise, maybe something along the lines of, "What end justifies your (excessively) violent means?"

Plus I like mating DD and Pool mechanics.  Damn nice mod there, Ron.