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Invalid Session?

Started by Brian Leybourne, February 05, 2003, 07:07:59 PM

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FYI, I got this message *every time* (not an exaggeration) I posted today and on several occassions even using my previously described technique didn't work without several (as in half a dozen+) attempts.

Jack Spencer Jr

I got this message, too. I didn't think much of it, but it happened when I took a while compasing a message, couple hours, yes, but sure as hell not 8 hours.

Clinton R. Nixon

I've been searching on the phpBB support forums, and think I might have found the solution. I've made some changes to the board configuration to work around the problem (which I think exists because of rotating IPs - i.e. a load-balancing proxy. AOL uses these, and some other ISPs.)

If anyone else gets an invalid session error, let me know.
Clinton R. Nixon
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was getting them all the time before.  Haven't had one today.  You may well have fixed it.  I was using a proxy server both at home (aol) and at work.

Brian Leybourne

I've had none at all today (and have done a fair bit of posting), I think you may have fixed it. Well done!

Brian Leybourne

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Hey Clinton, not only does it look like your solution fixed the "Invalid Session" error, it also fixed a problem I have ALWAYS had with my machine at home (using AOL or direct through my cable modem) in which the unread messages flags never worked right.  The were on when the page was first loaded, but any refresh would turn them off whether the thread was actually opened or not.  It now seems to be that this is no longer happening either...yay!