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Community Design Project (Code Name: Rogue Gamer)

Started by jdrakeh, August 20, 2001, 07:36:00 AM

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I'm looking for a few GW fans to assist in the creation of a set of role-playing rules for use with the "Warhammer 40,000: Rogue Trader"

The ultimate goal is to design a set of simple supplementary role-playing rules for use with the miniatures game, not to design a stand-alone RPG. Keeping this in mind, it would probably help if you had a familiarity with the "Rogue Trader" rules (and a copy of the book wouldn't hurt, either).

Some design goals inlude:

a)Creating rules which allow a player to assume the role of a whole squad or individual characters, depending on their tastes.

b)Creating rules which are essentially basic extensions of the system already present in the mini game, thus allowing for both role-playing and mini action in one campaign with minimal effort.

c)Expanding the universe of "Rogue Trader" (not altering the existing one) into a fully developed setting.

There is an e-group here:


And a web site in the works here:


Any and all who interested in the "Rogue Trader" universe are encouraged to participate. Credit will be given where due (on the site) to all those who assist in development and play-testing.

James Hargrove
James D. Hargrove