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Author Topic: All Things in Moderation  (Read 15830 times)
Le Joueur

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« on: February 12, 2003, 04:29:50 PM »

It's about time I got around to posting the Scattershot Forum's moderation guidelines.  Without further ado:[list=1][*]There are no 'dead threads' (unlike the remainder of the Forge).  If you have any questions or comments on material presented here, feel free to resurrect any thread in the Scattershot Forum.  As your Moderator, if I feel that you have raised a significant point, I will split it off; if it clarifies or enhances the original topic, all the better.

[*]I run a tight ship, I have a couple of immutable standards.  The first is titles; I consider proper titling important to the perceived value of material posted here.  If a title isn't presented as a title, I will go ahead and change the capitalization (but not the wording).

[*]Second, if you forget a mark-up tag, I will do my best to fix your html or BBCode.  This includes correcting or completing quotes (and their attributions).  I will also delete those annoying automatedly closing tags (in case you miss them).  Outside of that use as much as you like.

[*]Starting very recently, I've begun putting anchors in threads.  This makes it possible for me to direct links to specific points within articles like this.  You may do so if you wish.  If you make a point that begs to be refered to, I will do the same for you.[/list:o]Let me know if you have any ideas, this Moderation thing is a learning process.

Fang Langford

Fang Langford is the creator of Scattershot presents: Universe 6 - The World of the Modern Fantastic.  Please stop by and help!
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