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Author Topic: Tzaul writeup  (Read 1454 times)
« on: February 16, 2003, 02:39:04 PM »

Well, Jake, you thought it'd be interesting to see what people came up with...

I see Tzaul sorta like what would happen to an eastern european group, like the Hungarians or the Goths if they got stuck on the other side of the Mideast...


Wide plains and rolling hills, rocky regions and a few swamps, bordered on the south by mountains on the Kudara border.  Generally warm, with cold winds  pushing down from the north plains.  The crops depend completely on the capricious whim of the gods, the thin balance between flash floods, drought, and bitter winds.

Tzaul once was the easternmost center of the 3 become 1.  Churches litter the landscape, reminders of the religion that once was strong, now forbidden by the holy law of the 7 Vows.  Tzaul once was influenced by all relgions, sitting in what could have been a cultural crossroads.  Many still practice small prayers and rituals from the past either syncreticized into the 7 Vows or in secret.

The military is composed of two forces, the Chosen, and the Hand.  The Chosen are culled specifically from the most loyal enforce the law, repress uprisings, and maintain the order.   The Hand are the recruited for mandatory military training, and are used as shock troops either on the Northern border against raiders from Krym-Khanan or else in preparation for the push into Kudara.

Tzaul forces are a mixture of tactics and equipment.  Having fought everything from the Hordes to the Marmuluks, they have a wide range of tactics, a balance between mobility and shock tactics.  

Legal System:
About 15 years previous, Tzaul was a collection of city states in war, with serious strife between ethnic groups and religions.  Viggo the Blade managed to rise up and unite the followers of the Prophet, then with the help of the Emir, conquer the rest of Tzaul.  

Viggo now rules the country with a harsh hand, as the Cleric Blade of the 7 Vows.  His true loyalty lies with his people, and he hopes one day to free them from the Suul’tahan’s rule from Otamarluk.

In the meanwhile, he will use anything and everything necessary to maintain the unity of Tzaul.  All men are required to give at least 2 years service to the military.  The law is a mixture of the 7 Vows and many that simply ensure order and stability.  Corruption and abuse do occur, but are kept in check from going too far by the need for efficiency by Viggo’s iron hand.

A rich country long ago, once a trade center between the east and the Empire.  After the fall of the Empire and the subsequent civil war and division, Tzaul is now destitute from its days of old, pouring an oppressive tribute to Otamarluk each year.  The poverty breeds unrest, which is quickly being channeled into the military before it gets a chance to grow.  


Wide range of skin tones, eyes, and hair colors, with tendancies towards darker hair and brown eyes, but medium to light skin.  Body types tend to be shorter, more slight, but tough and wiry.

The people come from a long history, with long lineages and heroes in each line.  Proud and showy, they value courage, passion, and panache.

Clothing tends to be practical for the average citizen given the current state of poverty, although a mixture of influences from the East and the West can be found.  The rich have enormously decorated and elaborate clothing.

They speak Tzaul, a rather distant cousin of Zaporozhyan.  Common languages include Marluk, Krymean, Helenic, Kudaran

Places of Note:
Maghul, The Tower of the Broken Hero, landmark of the final resting place of the national hero, who goes by many names, depending on who’s telling you that they’re descended from...  The 9 Passes, set in the mountain range to the south, also believed to be the result of a mythic flood that split the mountains.

Player Bonuses:
-1 ST from smaller stature,  +1 Willpower or Endurance from bad conditions, +1 Wit from having to make the best of things.  All classes start out with 1/2 Wealth, unless you are Landed Nobility AND from Viggo’s people.
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