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Bug or Feature?

Started by clehrich, March 10, 2003, 08:00:04 PM

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One odd thing seems to be happening since the Forge web revision.  At least for me, when I close the browser and go do something else for a bit, every post on the Forge gets marked as "read."  So when I restart the browser and check in at the Forge, the only things that show up as unread are things posted since I shut down my browser.  So:

1. Is this just me?

2. Is this deliberate or accidental?

3. Is there a good reason for it, and if not, is there a workaround?
Chris Lehrich


Hey Chris,

It is not just you. Let us now wait for Clinton to decide whether it is a feature or a bug.


Le Joueur

I thrive on this effect.  Every time I open 'a session' I know I'm committed to read everything I'm interested in.  The very last thing I do before closing 'the session' (that means closing the last of the Forge browser windows) is run a quick "View posts since last visit;" nothing new and I'm gone.  That way, the next time I log on, unlike an email list, I don't have to wade through all the posts that didn't appeal to me enough to look at last time; all are fresh.  I thought it was pretty nifty once I'd figured it out.  (Better than having to 'read everything' or hit 'mark all as read' or delete a bunch of emails, for me at least.)

Fang Langford

(Who's off to 'end session' without 'logging off.')
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M. J. Young

I see it as a negative feature--that is, it's clearly intentional, but I don't like it.

Like you, Chris, I sometimes feel like I have to leave in the middle and come back, and when I do I have to try to figure out what timestamp will indicate that I haven't seen something already. As annoying is that sometimes my computer will freeze, or (rarely) the site will become unavailable (web traffic?), and I'll have to leave and come back, and everything will be marked read.

I can quickly figure out which threads don't interest me, as long as the post is marked for new. In some forums I might want a button to mark all as read within that forum (although that's iffy--I don't usually reload the page before I leave, and I wouldn't want it to mark as read stuff that was added to interesting threads that I didn't see). Overall, though, I'd prefer to have it distinguish "unread" rather than "new since last visit", since that's not necessarily the same thing.

Oh--but I think it was like that before the revision, too.

--M. J. Young


Hey, all, :)

MJ's right, it was like that before the revision. And yes, it bugs the hell out of me too... :)

My point-oh-two...


João Mendes
Lisbon, Portugal
Lisbon Gamer

Clinton R. Nixon


It was like that before the revision. Apologies to those it annoys - it's literally so embedded in the forum system that not even I would be able to change it - it would require a full forum re-write, which I have not the time, or perhaps the technical ability, to do.
Clinton R. Nixon
CRN Games