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Started by Ron Edwards, March 11, 2003, 12:00:49 PM

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Ron Edwards

Hi there,

This is a follow-up to the ... when you see the RING thread, as I've finally seen the movie. I haven't seen the original version or anything else related to it.

I'm gonna write as if you've seen it already, so if you haven't, click "back" now. No silly white space either.

My take is that the movie is four-fifths Kicker ... if it had ended with the discovery of the girl's body, then it would have been a well-constructed and mildly gross-out standard horror flick with no Sorcerer material at all beyond creepiness. But that final fifth is a story in itself, and unfortunately one without a climax. If we were talking about "Sorcerer - the Ring," then I'd say, compress the first (main) part into the first two-fifths, and then work with the Premise suggested in the final few scenes. That's a story I'd like to see. Kind of Boondock Saints thing - having accepted that you're going to be a killer, how do you choose?



I thought the movie to be overall well-crafted and tightly paced. Creepy ... yes, definitely creepy (especially that little boy - he just simply freaked me out, more so than the girl). Though, my main issue with the film is simply ... you have this video tape that kills people ... so you leave it out for your son to watch? Sheesh, what a mom ... ;-)

I agree with you though, the last fifth of the film is a story unto itself and hopefully what they'll deal with for the upcoming sequel. Love the moral ambiguity that this brings with it. "To keep my son alive, these people have to die ..."