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2 PM email notifications but only 1 message.

Started by xechnao, March 14, 2003, 04:25:00 PM

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Yes, that's right. Today I ' ve got in my email inbox 2 "PM has arrived" notifications from the forge. But only one PM was in my inbox folder over here. Is this ok or somebody is using my account?

Walt Freitag

I believe it is possible to delete a message that you have sent, before the recipient has seen it, but after the notification message has been issued. During that time the message is in the sender's "Outbox."

It's possible that someone sent you a message, then changed their mind and deleted it before you got it. Or, most likely, the sender accidentally sent you the same message twice, and then deleted the extra copy.

If that is what happened, then perhaps the person who sent and deleted the message could tell you so in a private message, to put your mind at ease.

- Walt
Wandering in the diasporosphere


Guess so if possible to delete, he deleted the same message twice. Now I put my mind at ease, lol.