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Frontier discussion (split)

Started by Allan, March 15, 2003, 04:10:36 AM

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Hey Sy,

I just find the name G.O.D. distracting.  It doesn't seem to relate to your setting (which is pantheistic, so there are gods in the game, and a GOD outside of it?  Confusing) or to any motif running through the game, as with Nobilis' Hollyhock God or Toon's Animator.  Unless you've got a GM title that really fits the game, I suggest sticking with a traditional name like Game Master or Storyteller.  World Master might fit better into your setting.  As far as terms that sum up the amount of effort a GM puts into the game, what about Director?  

Ultimately, I know this isn't the most important point about your system.  So why make readers focus on it?
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Hi Allan,

I'm going to steal part of a recent post on Threadnecromancy from Walt here:


wfreitag wrote:

Resurrecting old threads is a no-no here at the Forge. The preferred method for adding new discussion on to an old topic (generally, one that's not on the first page of its forum, which will include almost all threads that come up in searches) is to start a new thread and include a link to
the old thread. Please read the Etiquette at the Forge thread in the Site Discussion forum.

This isn't a big deal. The moderators will fix it, and now you know not to do it again.


If you want to discuss such mechanisms in general, you can start a thread in RPG Theory.

I haven't been a contributing member here for the past few months but still wanted to say welcome to the Forge.


Ron Edwards


Lettin' people know that the above posts were split from Sylus Thane's thread, Dawn of the Magi.

No problem, Allan! Check out the site etiquette sticky, and you're all set. Welcome to the Forge, as Peter says. As it happens, I agree with you about the GM-term issue. Also, I think that the game Heroic Do-Gooders and Dastardly Deed-doers has already used G.O.D. anyway for the GM, and in that case, with some justification.

Peter, nice to see you again.



Thank you Ron.  Haven't been able to spend as much time online for a host of reasons but things seem to be leveling out now.  

Back on topic, Sylus, if you're following this thread, are you still working on the game?  You had some interesting ideas IIRC.


Sylus Thane

Yeah I'm following along. Iwas busy doing some work on things this weekend so I wasn't on the puter much. As far as my use of G.O.D. to describe the GM, the decision actually game from a long time term a friend of mine used to describe all the hard work a person could put in running a game. Hence the birth of the Games Operations Director. As far as things go, I never really planned on it applying to a setting individually.

As far as Frontier goes I'm still plugging away on it. Although I did decide on a simpler stand alone sci-fi setting to release with my rulebook. I haven't quit working on Dawn of the  Magi or other settings within my timeline but I ran into some rule difficulties with some things so I felt it better to release something else with the main book. But, since Frontier is sectional in regards to releases and organization I still safe in those regards. If people would like to see how the new book revision is shaping up let me know and I'll e-mail it to you as I don't have a place I can put it on the web at the moment. I could also post piece by piece examples if people would be interested in criticing it for me.