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Attaching images to posts

Started by Thomas Tamblyn, March 22, 2003, 09:03:19 PM

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Thomas Tamblyn

Is there any way to attach image files directly  to a post?  When I make a game I often do a couple of sketches to help cement the feel of it and would like to be able to include these when I describe the game.

I imagine the feature would be useful in the connections forum too.

I know I could link to the files but at the moment I've nowhere to upload them to - though once I've put a site together I'll probably buy hosting at the forge.

M. J. Young

This is not an official response, but it's my understanding that images in posts are frowned on here.

The preferred option is to get a web site somewhere (Tripod, GeoCities, Angelfire, and several others still give them away free) and post your game materials there for people to view off-site.

Images load the forums and slow response time; I'm not sure that's the reason, but I know I don't care for them, generally. They'd have to be really essential to the question before I'd think their presence excusable.

--M. J. Young

Ron Edwards

Hi Thomas,

M.J.'s right - the policy is to avoid images in Forge posts, although some rare occasions have been let slide.

H'm, how to say this next part without actually pimping Forge hosting ... anyway, the best idea is a website, even one of the crappy popup-laden free ones as a stopgap, just to hold the pictures.

I agree with you that pictures are often a big part of making one's point, especially when discussing a project in Indie Game design.


M. J. Young

Quote from: Ron EdwardsH'm, how to say this next part without actually pimping Forge hosting ...
How about, "If your ISP doesn't provide web space with your account and you don't want to deal with the commercial freebies, The Forge offers hosting of subdomains ("") for a very reasonable $60 per year, all of which helps keep The Forge here and gives you a place to post your game materials banner- and hassle-free."

That seems to work for me.

I could offer you hosting elsewhere, but I couldn't meet that price and you'd probably never use most of what would come with it there. It's a good deal.

--M. J. Young

Thomas Tamblyn

Fair enough - just thought it best to ask since I've never seen the subject come up before.

Once I've got enough stuff actually completed and ready to upload I fully intend to buy a forge subdomain so there's really no need to pimp - I'm sold.