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So, how's it going?

Started by Spooky Fanboy, March 31, 2003, 10:56:50 AM

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Spooky Fanboy

Saw the new web page, looks nicely organized. Definitely gets the feel of the game across.

How's the game itself coming along?
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Hi Spooky,

Well and good.

I am finishing the last bits of art.  My friend is laying out the text but he got sidetracked with other projects so I have a month delay now.  I can't fully express how relieved I will be when this finally goes to press.  I *could* release it as a b&w no-frills book.  But I would rather have Orbit be a big loud gonzo color book as nature intended!

Soon...and believe me I will tell everyone on every site when it's gone to press.