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Paying for the Forge

Started by Valamir, March 20, 2003, 09:26:30 PM

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QuoteThings to note:
- A lot of people have contributed since this thread started, and for that, I thank all of them.

Than the purpose of the thread has been served.   If a few people who do have the money to spare have been reminded of something they probably had on their list of things to do and just hadn't gotten around to...and maybe a few more made personal commitments to adopt a month as Gordon has, fantastic.

This wasn't a policy proposal so much a call to action.  A reminder of how valuable this site is, and a reminder that someone has to pay for it.

Blake Hutchins

Bam.  Money co-located with mouth.

Thanks for all the work, Clinton.  Very much appreciated.



Brian Leybourne

I know this thread is pretty much spent, and my intention is not to re-energise it.

Can I just say though, that putting the "donate" button at the top is a very good idea. Hell, I've been here a year or so now (and about #13 in posts I think) and I never even knew that donations were an option, let alone that they would be useful (perhaps I assumed The Forge was funded from somewhere, but most likely it just never occurred to me to wonder about it). I probably went into the "About the Forge" option once or twice, but the donate bit is at the bottom and I guess I somehow missed it.

I would be completely against any kind of pressure for folk to donate (some simply can't afford to), but the button might lead some to donate who would have, but the thought never even crossed their minds.

I can't promise to donate a lot (I'm not that flush really, and whatever I do donate will be halved thanks to the poor exchange rate from $NZ to $US) but at least I now know that it's an option and I will do so shortly - The Forge is worth it. Making the option more "visible" will give other blinkered folk like myself the opportunity to show their support.

Brian Leybourne

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