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Artists Needed

Started by Matt Gwinn, September 03, 2001, 02:43:00 PM

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Matt Gwinn

Well, I am moving forward on turning Kayfabe into a shareware PDF, but I need artwork.

Anyone interested in drawing some kickass wrestlers should contact me and send me a sample wrestling image.  I'm primarily interested in B&W illustration, but I will need something for a full color cover aswell.

Kayfabe: The Inside Wrestling Game
On sale now at


Contact Jason Gunn at

Tell him Dav said to give him a tap.  He will help, and he is quite affordable.  For references, check and (they may be the same site, but I think one of the two addresses is inactive).  He is published in Obsidian (well, all of Apophis' work), as well as a few oher small press games.