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Author Topic: Adventure trailers  (Read 1454 times)

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« on: April 09, 2003, 03:14:29 PM »

A couple of quick ideas for TRoS style adventures:

One of the characters receives a message from home that they are being assailed and need help. The characters rush back home to find their lands being overrun by an evil cult that practices cannibalism.  At the head of the cult is a necromancer bending the remainder of the tribes to his will and bent on conquering the area.

  A citystate is in turmoil since the old king died. His sons struggle with each other over the inheritance and one or both are rumored to have 'facilitated' their fathers death. Neighboring powers marshal their armies to take advantage of the struggle. This particular scenario has many possibilites: The players could be people in the city or agents of the other states sent to foment chaos. They could be hired by one brother or the others faction to kill or discredit an opponent, and many other scenarios.

My world is much more like the Hyborean age of Conan than Weyrth. Wizards are extremely rare and mostly evil. Political chaos is rampant and small wars fairly constant. The world is rising from a dark period of savagery. The remnants of the 'dreaming age' lurk on the fringes of civilization, snatching a victim when the opportunity presents.  The world is primeval and untamed.

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