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submissions needed for cd-rom project

Started by poppocabba, May 03, 2001, 11:49:00 PM

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Title: sell your soul, win prizes /

I am putting together a cd-rom project to give away at Denver's ben-con to my players and other interested parties. I am also looking to include other people's material on it. In exchange for contributions I will give anyone who contributes a copy of the cd, and prizes from the cleaning out of my game closet, cd collection, video library, and even some of our custom banded cigars. As an added bonus. .if I receive a large amount of contributions from indie rpg members I will run a free ad for the group on the back of our upcoming annual newsletter as well as on the cd-rom.
 The Types of material I can use must be (mostly) copyright free, and can include demos,drink recipes, cult movie reviews, gaming drink recipes, and almost anything related to roleplaying. (systems, settings, characters, spiffy spreadsheets, artwork, adventures, etc...). I am particularily interested in hosting a large gallery of characters for all types of systems as something that would be of use to both people who gm as well as play.
Please email me if you would like more information, or have an item to submit
Or if you know of any sites that have material I could redistribute
I already have over 300 megs,so I have most of the standard files
Top honors receives a $25 gift certificate
Thank you in advance-mike