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Name That Demon- building difficult demons

Started by Bailywolf, May 05, 2003, 02:34:18 PM

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I think we're looking at Special Non-Leathal Damage and Hold with those victories being rolled over for a Transport.  We finish the whole thing up with Shapeshift and perhaps Cover.


Ben Morgan

Regarding small parts of reality:

Remember that Sorcerer was designed with a narrativist mindset in mind (no pun intended). The story isn't about the guy that got the promotion/dropped dead, it's about the PCs. As far as the PC (both as a protagonist in a story, and especially as a person as driven and self-centered as a sorcerer) is concerned, it is a minor detail. I think of it as being along the same lines as a child who believes that they are the only real person, and everyone else is a figment of their imagination.

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Mike Holmes

Well said, Ben. The rules can make anything trivial except the conflicts that are important to the player.

In Charnel Gods I wouldn't bother rolling to kill most mortals. It's just not part of the question. Whether or not this will make you inhuman, now that's a question to be answered.

In Sorcerer & Space, I've made this a rule for certain situations. Wanna kill someone insignificant? OK, they're dead.

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Nev the Deranged

Alright... I had a few more from the same set as the last, but they were sort of variations on a theme... eh.  boring.

So, how about a curve ball...

I want a demon that has the power to... hmm.. well, sort of the opposite of the unweaving thing I guess.  Like binding things together at the molecular level...  I guess examples would be easier to follow:

Say, you're falling, and the only thing to grab on to is a crappy, worn, fraying rope that probably wouldn't hold twenty pounds, let alone a human being already in mid fall.  The demon touches it... and voila- it holds.  The same thing would work for a vine that was too fragile to hold human weight.

Or you're holding a door closed against a bunch of acolytes with swords... they're hacking at the door, ramming into it with their shoulders, etc... no way it should stand up to that kind of punishment... but somehow it does.

The same power could, say, hold a tire together after it had been driven over a broken bottle, or make a rotting tree branch hold together when you're using it to fend off an attacker, that sort of thing.  

The boosting type powers seem only to work on beings, but maybe they apply to inanimates too?

Michael S. Miller

Hi, Nev.

I don't have the book at hand at the moment, but I'm pretty sure that the description of Warp has something about "if you want to make something stronger, the Boost ability is also required." If I recall correctly, that is...
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Ron Edwards

Hi there,

Michael's right. I'd build this ability as Warp, Boost Stamina, and probably Fast as well just for a little edge in getting the job done in a pre-emptive-to-disaster fashion.