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Author Topic: Strange Sorceror Question  (Read 1839 times)
Ben Lehman

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« on: May 06, 2003, 08:54:17 PM »

Hey all--
I'm making a character for my first sorceror game, an IRC Sword and Sorceror shindig.  Of course, being the sort of gamer I am, my character concept stretches the system, and so I thought I'd post on here for advice about how to handle it in this rather unfamiliar system.

The basic character concept is a young (mid-teens) enfianced couple.  They are still working out the power basis of their relationship, and so they essentially alternately serve in the sorceror or demon position, depending on their present power dynamic.  Each of them has magical powers that the other one can draw out when in "sorceror mode."

Basically, each of them will have "Sorceror Stats" and "Demon Stats."  When one of them "takes charge," I play that character as the sorceror and the GM plays the other character as my demon.  When the power dynamic changes, I take up playing the new sorceror character, and the GM takes the new demon.

I imagine that they both have the Need "Love and Affection..." and probably have some other similar things in common, like Will, Bond Strength, and Power...

What I need to figure out is conditions for changing control.  I think it would be simple enough to have it be a Will contest, with binding strength thrown in for the sorceror.  I would also like it to dependent on the sorceror's treatment of the demon -- giving it too much Need will make it stronger for a takeover attempt, but mistreating it also can draw takeover.  Or perhaps something else entirely.

I would like transitions to be relatively uncommon -- no more than once a session.

What do you all think?  How would you handle this?



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« Reply #1 on: May 07, 2003, 12:29:13 AM »

First let me say: neat!  

I'm interested to see how this works out, so be sure to post a bit to the Actual Play forum when you... well, actually play.

Second, my only other thought than the obvious Need-based changeover would be to base them either off of Desires or Kicker.  The Kicker would be much more rare an occurrence, and depending upon Desire, it could be quite often in that direction.  However, you could also have it become something dependent on the Humanity mechanic (actually, you could encompass the entire definition of your Humanity mechanic upon your relationship).  Thus, Humanity checks, for good or ill, trigger *something* in the power dynamic.

I'm kind of beat right now, but that's what came to me off the top of my head.


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« Reply #2 on: May 07, 2003, 04:11:19 AM »

Wow.  VERY cool idea.  Also looks like Sex and Sorcery territory, so perhaps Ron will provide some comments.

First off, to keep things intresting... play with your needs and desires a bit...

What about Desire: Fedility, Need: Social attention

The pair desires (when in demon mode) to remain true their sorcerer-spouse, but needs and hungers for as much social contact as possible... you've seen these couples at parties, both good looking, and alternatly flirting with other people... either to torc each other up, or to work out their own yayas- they desire to be close, but need more attention than the other can provide.

Make the trigger for the Will contest jealousy and one of those uncomfortable couple-in-public fights...

"What the hell are you doigng!  You were practically chewing on his ear!"

"F-you!  If you paid attention to me rather than talking up some slut, mabey i woldn't have to chew on ears!"

roll that Will.  The fight resolves with the newly demon-ized member of the couple apologizing and submitting, and then a typically uncomfortable couple-making-out-in-public-to-makeup session.

Talk about your unhealthy relatinoships...

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