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The Valedictorian's Death

Started by Paul Czege, May 08, 2003, 09:10:25 PM

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Bob McNamee

Ah yes...

Master .... Brain Collector .........

Collects Valedictorians... distilling their essence to prop up his already immense mind even further...
Bob McNamee
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Is there a British equivalent?

In a word - no.

It seems you blokes have a great deal more pride and sense of achievement in your schools.  Here, we're just glad to be out!  I guess the closest we can come to a Valedictorian would be Head Boy (or Girl).

We don't have High School, Yearbooks, and very rarely do we hold reunions.

It's an entirely different culture, I guess, which makes the chances of actually playing this game using the British system very slim indeed.

Maybe with a re-write...