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Trouble printing?

Started by Jack Spencer Jr, September 12, 2001, 03:19:00 AM

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Jack Spencer Jr

I had a problem printing Elfs out.  For some reason the art is sort of blurry looking and, for reasons I'll never understand, it locked up my computer when printing the pic on page four of the Elf girl and the troll.

But, while printing out something else entirely, I found out about a function in Acrobat.  A little box you can check labeled "print as image."  According to the Acrobat Help file, what it does is convert the pages to bitmap files on the fly for printing.  The help file makes it sound like it's the first thing you should try if your file doesn't look the way you want it.

The result:  It takes a while as it converts the files (but it always takes forever to print stuff) it does print.  It does look a little better than my previous printing but still a little fuzzy.  I suspect this has more to do with my printer settings since the pics are mostly grey and highly pixelated.

Some of you may have already known this.
Those of you who didn't, now you know.

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