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Author Topic: Tiki God  (Read 2189 times)
C. Edwards

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savage / sublime

« on: May 20, 2003, 07:37:04 PM »


Quote from: Jonathan Walton
But I do have to say that I had SO many friends volunteer to playtest "Tiki God" last week... :) Too bad it was exam week or there definitely would have been some sofa surfing. And I'm home now, so it probably won't happen. Still, come this fall, there will definitely be Tiki Gods battling in Oberlin. Maybe I should start a sign-up list...

That is awesome. I expect a full report of course and some playtest feedback. :)

Thereís not really much I can do to the game at this point without some playtesting. Thatís going to be a major endeavor. So, I want to put out an invitation right now to anyone thatís going to be at GenCon SoCal this December. This game just begs to be played in a hotel room. Um, someone else's hotel room that is.

I would certainly appreciate any other comments or criticism, so donít hold back just tell me what you think. Also, Iíd like to thank Mike for his time and effort and the other Iron Game Chef participants for keeping the bar on this competition so high. Now if I can just follow the rules... ;)

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