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Demon Cops: Best Sorcerer "How To" Yet

Started by jburneko, June 05, 2003, 02:02:50 PM

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I'd been holding off on purchasing Demon Cops because it was Anime based and quite frankly, I'm not an Anime fan.  However, when I ordered Sex and Sorcery I threw Demon Cops in with the order as well on a whim.  Boy am I glad I did.

Forget the setting.  Forget the Anime stuff.  All that stuff's great  too ("Please Do Not Approach The Sea-Nymph Demon", Heh) but what really makes Demon Cops worth it is the example scenario at the end and the "How To Run This Game" section just before it.  WAY WAY better than all three of the scenarios in Sorcerer's Soul COMBINED.

I loved the little "first session" outline provided.  I love the example characters PLUS the examples of how to tie their kickers into the scenario.  I love the bullet listing of both the main conflicts and the stress points in the relationship map.  The whole presentation is much clearer than in Soul.

Granted this is all stuff I've figured out by now, but man I wish I'd bought this thing a year ago.


Ron Edwards

Hi Jesse,

Thanks! 'Course, it was released a year ago ... you cheapskate ...

Seriously, though, Demon Cops represents some of my best work with Sorcerer, I think, matched only by the recent Azk'Arn game and by a very old early game that gets referenced in Chapter 7 of the main book and Chapter 1 of Sex & Sorcery. I think it's way fun and just dark enough for the game.